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Makwa Hemp is the cleanest product you will find on the market.  It is high in cannabidiol (CBD), plus a full spectrum of cannabinoids such CBG, CBN, and terpenes, with only trace amounts of THC, making it completely compliant no matter which testing methods are used.  You can trust our CBD-rich hemp because the same Minnesota farmers care for it from seed to finished product using only organic farming techniques. 

Makwa Hemp is grown on 95 acres of perfect Minnesota farmland, specifically chosen for the ideal soil type which was tested before planting to ensure there was no herbicide nor pesticide residue, heavy metals, bacteria or mold issues.  Western Minnesota has reliable weather and enough rain to achieve optimal growth, and late season winds with drier air to minimize risk from fungal attack on the mature buds.  Last year we harvested over 100,000 pounds of CBD-rich hemp.  That’s enough for 33 million sticks of consistent, clean, quality, high CBD cigarettes from the same field, harvested at the same time. 

The Makwa Hemp farm is the perfect size to harvest the mature hemp quickly and efficiently.  Our 2019 hemp was harvested 2-5 days after the first killing frost did away with the fan leaves and most of the moisture.  This was done purposely so only the high-quality buds and sugar leaves were removed using a stripper header.  The buds, sugar leaves and inevitable stem (no moisture laden stalks) were then stored within hours of each truck being filled.  It is stored in extraordinarily air-tight compressed bales that were made using a very expensive Orkel baler, only 25 miles away from the field.  The bales were stored all winter at a perfect 40 degrees then air dried using no heat to ensure a fresh and full flavor.  The extra stems are gently removed with our shaker table and the final, mill-ready product is stored in lined super sacks. We are babying our hemp using kid gloves and know not to over process since cigarette makers know exactly what size flower and cut they prefer. A large quantity of quality cigarette hemp like this is simply not available anywhere else in the nation.

Makwa Hemp is tested to ensure desired cannabinoid content, and to double and triple check for things you don’t want, such as heavy metals or biological contaminants (bacteria & fungi).  Our website provides this testing information to ensure you are providing the best quality product to your customers when you purchase bulk hemp, or choose to white label though Makwa Hemp.

Pro tip – don’t grow your hemp near livestock farms.  It makes sense for ranchers to get rid of their nutrient rich manure on the nearby fields since it makes their crops grow better.  Unfortunately, this practice allows bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella to thrive.  You won’t find livestock anywhere near our farm.  And the natural rain on our farm is far preferred by plants over well water irrigation.

Makwa Hemp is available for bulk purchase to manufacturers who desire this outstanding hemp in their own products. Please contact us for information on availability and pricing.  (Minimum 500 pounds for bulk sales).

Makwa Hemp can also provide retailers with white label, or custom-label, hemp cigarette products.  Rolled without additives, Makwa Hemp Sticks provide the fast-acting, slow burning smoke we know your customers will enjoy. We have the experience and team ready to provide you with a hemp cigarette you’d be proud to put your name on.    

We’re also happy to work with retailers who want to become a distributor of Makwa Hemp Sticks.

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