Since the passage of the Federal Farm Bill in 2018, which legalized hemp production in the US, there has been a boom in this previously vilified (and illegal) crop.  As more people discovered the positive effects of cannabidiol (CBD) and other cannabinoids, the demand for these products skyrocketed.  Unfortunately, with inconsistent standards, there have been many questionable products and label claims, as well as products with dubious sources or handling.


Makwa Hemp Sticks are different from the start.  The company is farmer-owned and dedicated to providing the best product possible.  Makwa Hemp Sticks are made with top quality CBD-rich hemp strains grown in ideal Minnesota soil, without pesticides or herbicides, then processed in the USA without additives. We are committed to an extraordinary product at every step of planting, harvest, drying, and roll.

The company’s founder has a business background, but has been investing in innovative farming techniques and products for several years as King Allium LLC, originally focused on the growth and preservation of a commercially exploited (and in some places threatened or protected) native onion species found from the Appalachian Mountains into Canada, commonly called a “ramp” (Allium tricoccum). He was also part of a large hemp grow consortium in Colorado the first year it became legal, then branched off to create a unique specialty hemp product from start to finish. 

The second member to join the team was a semi-retired farmer from Minnesota. Phil grew organic grass mixes for the largest horse racing track in MN for over a decade and owned the largest draft horse farm in the state as well. In addition to animal science training and decades of organic farming experience, he has a (human) nursing degree and truly understands how good CBD is for people and horses alike. With his knowledge and expertise, fields near Twin Valley in southwestern Minnesota were chosen for their ideal soil condition, good drainage, and favorable weather. Along with members of his family and hired farm workers, he over-sees the planting, tending, care, harvest, and drying of our hemp crop, without the use of any insecticides or artificial fertilizers.  Hemp is more labor-intensive that most traditional crops, especially when grown outdoors in large fields, which is why decades of experience, support from good neighbors, and good weather, is why our crop was able to succeed where many other new farms didn’t do as well.

The third member to join the team graduated top of his class with a PhD from the best botany school in the Americas. Dr Galloway led the research on the King Allium project (growing allium tricoccum indoors), as well as consulted on the Colorado grow from time to time. Almost all of the industrial hemp genetic lines from around the world were destroyed in the 1980s and 1990s “war on drugs,” even though industrial hemp contains very little of the hallucinogen, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).  Most currently available hemp strains, including the recognized beneficial CBD-rich hemp strains, were developed in the marijuana “underground.”  For this reason, the genetics of these can be questionable and sometimes unstable.  As legitimate growers and government regulators bring medicinal hemp into wide-scale production, plant scientists with traditional breeding techniques as well as modern molecular tools, are key to selecting the best plants possible.

After a year of exploring a number of options to craft a unique hemp stick, the final product was born. The criteria was to have the smoke smell and taste clean and fresh and not to smell like hemp’s cousin, cannabis. The perfect mix was finally created which has the right amount of CBD and terpenes while smelling pleasant to non-smokers, even indoors. The smoke doesn’t burn the eyes and doesn’t make your clothes or hair smell bad. It’s hard to explain but once you experience our organic blend you will understand how it’s very different – not only from tobacco but from all other smokable hemp in the market., our never ending attention to detail and passion for quality is what creates a handcrafted-level product.

The result is the Makwa Hemp Stick product we know you’ll enjoy.  “Quality from Seed to Stick”


Our goal is to provide current smokers with the cleanest, best tasting hemp cigarettes that can be smoked anywhere, as an alternative to nicotine based products.