Makwa Hemp Sticks are made by the farmers who proudly grew the hemp for these cigarettes in Minnesota, in an area with ideal soil and weather for the strain of CBD-rich hemp chosen. The first crop of hemp used to make Makwa Hemp Sticks was grown on leased land belonging to the Ojibwe tribe, therefore when looking for a brand name, we wanted to choose something to honor the land and local culture. Eventually “Makwa”, the Ojibwe word for black bear (Ursus americana), was chosen.


Why Makwa? First, the principle farmer, who grew up and farmed other crops in the area for decades, is part Ojibwe and part of the Makwa, or Bear Clan. But more than that, about half-way through the first growing season, a young male black bear decided to take up residence in the hemp fields. Bears don’t eat hemp, but he could have enjoyed the aroma like do, or more likely found the plant size and spacing provided the perfect shade and cover for him. He gave a few of the farm hands a fright from time to time, but was likely the best field protector we could have found. As all, the Bear Clan were known as the warriors and protectors. The bear eventually moved on as the summer wore on, but he’s still part of the Makwa Hemp Stick story.