Makwa Hemp Sticks are made by the farmers who proudly grew this hemp in Minnesota, in an area with ideal soil and weather for the strain of CBD-rich hemp chosen. The first crop of hemp used to make Makwa Hemp Sticks was grown near the White Earth Reservation. Therefore when looking for a brand name, we wanted to choose something to honor the land and local culture. Eventually “Makwa”, the Ojibwe word for black bear (Ursus americana), was chosen.

Does not smell like 420

  • Can be smoked anywhere you would smoke tobacco
  • No issues during lunch breaks, in the car, in public, etc

Smooth and flavorful taste

  • Not made from biomass!!  (biomass is the whole plant chopped up – stalks, stems, fan leaves, sugar leaves and buds)
  • No harshness at all

  • We use a mix of our top quality hemp buds and sugar leaves with up to 20% organic herbs for a perfectly balanced smoke
    • extremely few pieces of stems
    • cured for 30+ days to remove chlorophyl

    • rolled at the best level of moisture for perfect smokability
    • dried at room temperature to retain the delicate terpenes for flavor and potential medicinal benefits
    • no need for flavorings to cover up inferior ingredients and handling

CBD and Terpene Benefits

  • Our hemp sticks contain CBD and terpenes. You can search the internet for more information about what these products are helpful for.
  • Our unique strain of hemp and harvest/drying methods retain more of the natural terpenes to assist with the full spectrum “entourage effect”

Sustainable Farming

  • Natural irrigation preserves the nutrients in the soil and keeps from destroying the field with salts and minerals after as soon as 20 years
  • Field rotation schedule to allow the field to replenish itself and to keep pests and fungi from becoming accustomed to an easy food source
  • No fences –wildlife is welcome to share space in our field

No Nicotine and less than .3% THC

You may feel relaxed and experience other benefits of CBD (below) but it will not get you high.  By law, hemp has under .3% THC while marijuana often has 20-30% THC.

It would take over 100 hemp sticks smoked at once to get the same amount of THC as a similar amount of marijuana – please don’t try this at home!

You are in control to decide how much or how little you would like to smoke and can choose to stop without the burden of chemical addiction.

Smoking a hemp stick often enhances the benefits you feel from smoking 420.

Grown organically outside, in very clean conditions

  • No Herbicides –weeds hoed by hand – yes, this takes a lot of physical labor

  • No Pesticides– strategic choice of field in rural MN far from standing water

  • No Heavy Metals– naturally irrigated land (instead of pumping ground water) where there has not been mining– clean soil and plant tests

  • No Bacteria– field is far from livestock fields and no manure is used – no e coli, salmonella, etc – clean soil and plant tests

  • We Strip only the top half of the plant to reduce impurities from dirt
  • No mold– very low mold in the Western MN area

  • low humidity and cooler temperatures in the fall/harvest season
  • consistent winds to dry buds quickly after rain – probably the biggest pre-harvest advantage
  • unique harvesting method – able to dry plants to 25% moisture while standing and before harvesting
  • 50 acres of standing plants to air tight bales within 2 days
  • unique storing method – store in compressed, wrapped, air tight bales using a $400k baling machine
  • storage – temperature controlled between 35 and 50 degrees until dried
  • unique drying method – dry using room temperature air to get under 15% moisture before the curing process
  • final storage – in small sacks which are individually inspected for any issues


  • Single harvest and storage allows for the same product experience throughout the year
  • Hemp has never left our possession – all the way from seed to rolling into final hemp sticks


Why Makwa? First, the principle farmer, who grew up and farmed other crops in the area for decades, is part Ojibwe and part of the Makwa, or Bear Clan. But more than that, about half-way through the first growing season, a young male black bear decided to take up residence in the hemp fields. Bears don’t eat hemp, but he could have enjoyed the aroma, or more likely found the plant size and spacing provided the perfect shade and cover for him. He gave a few of the farm hands a fright from time to time, but was likely the best field protector we could have found. The bear eventually moved on in the Fall, but he’s still part of the Makwa Hemp Stick story.

The company’s founder has a business background, and has been investing in innovative farming techniques and products for several years. King Allium LLC, originally focused on the growth and preservation of a commercially exploited native onion species found from the Appalachian Mountains into Canada, commonly called a “ramp” (Allium tricoccum). He was also part of a large hemp grow consortium in Colorado the first year it became legal, then branched off to create a unique specialty hemp product from start to finish. 

Hemp is more labor-intensive than most traditional crops, especially when grown outdoors in large fields. Our crop was able to succeed due to decades of experience, support from good neighbors, clean soil and good weather.